Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Contestants who vie for the crown of Miss Tanzania 2013 they entered the camp in the Giraffe Hotel.


 Contestants were greeted leaders of Miss Tanzania Committee.

 Vicky Kimaro speaking to the contestants



  1. Naona warembo wetu wameshaingia kambini. But, I am at times left behind when l hear some contestants not having an outstanding academic background, and this is what puls us to the ground mostly. This year, I have heard of Happiness Watimanywa who is still holding a title of the only African girl who came first in Form Four Accounting Final Exams in the world, then did the AS International exams and performed wonders, such girls if given chances to represent the country can wipe away some feeling of ... we may have. All the best Happiness. Lets support her and see.

    1. Its at times not normal to reply to yourself, but I am adding on something. When l met Happiness for the first time, l saw life in her, and somebody could question where l have been before she won the title, eeh, l have always been there for her. I have not only been a teacher to her, she promoted me to another position as her Dad, l like that so will l always. We travelled together on several local and international tours l normally organise every year, and we played together all the ball games, art and social sciences performances in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Tianjin and Beijing Festivals in China, Pyongyang International Gathering and Songdowon International Children's Camp in North Korea .. whoever had a chance to meet this lovely daughter could tell. Now, its not all about Miss Tanzania, its the ability, commitment, understanding, compassion, faith, determination that she demonstrates ...... aah, wishing her the best of lucky for Miss World, the platform which is not new to her. Happy my daughter, always remember our slogan "IT'S NOT THE SIZE OF A DOG IN A FIGHT, BUT A SIZE OF A FIGHT IN A DOG" Love you my girls. Happiness, you have made us very proud, and we can see the stars we wished for. I am your Dad Tchalewa.